Emily Man Coaching


Sue Walter, Managing Director, TES Prime

I have engaged Emily as a Leadership Coach on a number of senior level positions in my current organisation. She has a non-confrontational approach which makes it easy for people to open up to her and be honest about their concerns and/or difficulties. This enables her to get to the heart of the matter very quickly and start adding value within a very short period of time. I have noticed a marked improvement in confidence and focus in the leaders that she is currently working with.

Anna Cutler, Director of Education, Tate Modern

I have been leading all my life...Emily helped me to recognise this and develop the skills that I needed to up my performance and deliver a better leader to my business.

Bridget Harris, Course Director, Next Generation Liberal Democrats Leadership Centre for Local Government

This is the second year running we have asked Emily to deliver a unique session for local politicians. Emily has consistently impressed with her expert and adept instincts for supporting each individual in the group. She has produced sometimes astonishing results with members of the group, and scored some of the highest feedback we've had for the overall programme.