Emily Man Coaching

The Experience

One to one coaching begins with a free chemistry session in which we talk over the challenges that you are currently facing. In this session we identify how you want to improve your business, as well as your performance within it. For group work or facilitation we would usually meet individually before any group meetings to clarify the goals (whether it is relationship development or company output).

We then meet every 2-4 weeks, either in your office or in my rooms in Central London. These sessions are comprehensive, and can include:

Myth busting Uncovering the personal myths that you have about yourself and that may be holding you back.
Barrier breaking Together we look at your barriers to success - both internal and external - to achieving your goals, and how you can get rid of them.
Model finding Identifying role models, analysing their performance and helping you to emulate their best qualities in your own environment.
Self presentation Developing you as a leader, and helping you to present yourself in the way that will best achieve your aims.
Emotional intelligence All great leaders have great emotional intelligence. We work together to help you empathise with, understand and motivate your team.